Thermocuple wire

Q-Glass Fiberglass duplex. Individual conductors are insulated with high strength fiberglass braid and with an overall fiberglass jacket. Designed for continuous use in high temperature application requiring continuous range of up to 1600 Degrees F (870 Degrees C). Industrial application ranging from aluminum to power generation and OEMs. This specific product provides higher temperature accuracy in the upper range and can be customized for sensor manufacturing.


Coastal Safety Supply Can Provide Equipment For Heat Treatment.

Vitreous Silica fiber designed for extreme temperature applications. Vitreous Silica fiber in this design is braided with thicker insulation on the individual conductors and the jacket giving a continuous temperature rating up to 1800 Degrees F (982 Degrees C). The vitreous silica fiber is flexible throughout the extended temperature range but is not recommended for application that are highly abrasive in high temperatures. The high temperature limit of Vitreous Silica allows it to be used in areas where temperature is higher than the upper limit of fiberglass braided wires.


CMH ceramic mat heaters

Coastal Safety Supply’s & Equipment has the production capability to manufacture up to 1000 our hundred type CMH ceramic mat heaters per day using their seven, 24 ft., stainless steel heater tables. Demand is high and Coastal Safety Supply’s & Equipment has no issue with moving to a Seven-day work schedule to meet customer needs.

Using only the highest grade @ 95% centered alumina ceramics and 80/20 nickel chromium alloy wire provides the highest quality heaters in the industry, and accordingly, earns Coastal Safety Supply’s & Equipment the leader in the industry

Triple Cable Sets made with Heavy Duty #2 Welding Cable and Shielded Type “K” Compensation lead